Adding Fuel to the Fire

coupleMore times than not, there comes a time in relationships when you hit a lull. I’m not saying you don’t love your partner, but there are times when your passion needs a little pick me up, a kick in the butt or a reminder of just how wonderful the person you’re with really is.

It’s nice to surprise your lover with a pair of edible undies or strawberry flavored body powder–anything that may add fuel to passion’s fire. For those who can keep the passion going 24/7, you’re my idol!

So, let me hear you. Don’t be shy. What do you do keep the fire burning?


2 thoughts on “Adding Fuel to the Fire

  1. fantasiaspillowtalk says:

    Reading and writing erotica together!! the best time is in the bath!
    Also there is a book out called 101 invitations to great sex (there are others) it’s amazingly fun. The pages are sealed. Some for his eyes only … others for hers. I highly recomend it.

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