Sex Standing Up

73777091Many years ago I watched a movie, where the entire town was prohibited from dancing. Sound familiar to anyone? Anyway, I thought about the reasoning behind the edict: Dancing leads to sex. You know, maybe that’s not far from the truth–at least from a romantic, fictional perspective.

In my book “Falling Again” the two main characters shared a passionate dance–the salsa. The hero held the heroine possessively as they danced across the ballroom. Her gown moved fluidly with every step, every pulse and all eyes were on them. Having danced together for so many years, their moves were instinctive and sensual, and there was no need for second guessing.

Afterwards, they found that all the things they argued about in the past weren’t very important. The only thing that mattered was the space they occupied as they caught their breaths amidst the applause and the feel of their bodies beneath aroused fingers.

There’s nothing like a good dance to bring lovers together. And if they’re lucky, it will lead to other non-fictional things. 🙂

Oh, and eventually my hero and heroine made love (lying down).


One thought on “Sex Standing Up

  1. Li says:

    ….the Argentine tango. It’s just something about those latin dances.

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