I’m a PRO …

Last year when I joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) I was unable to attend the national conference. However, this year I’m so siked! Not only am I attending, I’m going as a PRO member. Before I whoop and holler too much, let me explain why I’m thrilled. PRO is a section for RWA members who are pursuing publication and who have submitted at least one completed manuscript.

rwa_banner_logoI’m honored to have joined the ranks of thousands. Yes, I said thousands! It’s a huge number of publication hopefuls, but I’m in good company.

Personally, it’s a sign that I’m a tad closer to my goal. It’s a testament of progress, hard work and my determination. A former manager of mine told me I was like a dog with a bone. She said once I latched on to something, I never let it go until it’s done. I didn’t take offense. Why take offense with the truth? That said, I’m going back to writing. Woof.


2 thoughts on “I’m a PRO …

  1. fantasiaspillowtalk says:

    Hold on to your dream and never – ever – let it go!!
    Be that bitch with a bone!!! 🙂

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