A 360 On Madea

madea2I’ve always been a huge Tyler Perry fan.

However, I was not a “Madea” fan. I know, I know. I must have been crazy, but please hear a late bloomer out.

I absolutely loved the movies, “The Family that Preys,” (perhaps, my favorite), “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Daddy’s Little Girls.” Yet, when it came to Madea, I just wasn’t feeling her. The key words here are WAS NOT.


Now, I LOVE Madea! Don’t ask me what happened, it just did!

I recently went to see “Madea Goes to Jail” and I thought I was going to fall out of my seat laughing. (I’m also happy to see Tyler raking in the moolah, 41 million and counting since opening, with the number one spot!)

Madea reminds me of quite a few women, I’ve had the pleasure or sometimes, displeasure of knowing and I guess I have to add–loving. She is a no nonsense kind of woman, who speaks her mind and keeps life from getting twisted. Except for the gun (insert machete, instead)–she reminds me of someone close to me—no one immediate –but definitely a few generations apart!

Tyler brings diversity, an inspirational message and fabulous talent to his movies and I so admire his work. His characters range from sweet to crazy, and from sexy to the type of person that deserves a good round with Mike Tyson. I love the strong (and yes, crazy) women and the strong (and yes, even the players) men in his stories. The actors Tyler employs bring his characters to life and they are phenomenal. (I believe every writer hopes for an actor who can breathe life into his or her fictional baby.)

Okay, I am getting to the point of this blog–inspiration. As you probably know, Tyler’s movies may differ from his play in characters and situations. After my daughter tied me down to the chair, I watched “Madea Goes to Jail” the play–the night before I saw the movie.

Oh, and I must say, there was inspiration everywhere! Two actors, Christian Keyes and Ryan Gentles, “Sonny” and “Nate,” respectively, were wonderful and have been added to my list of “yummy pops” (please refer to my Sumthin’ Sumthin’ page for a definition).

By the way, I enjoyed the play. However, the yummy pops made it so much more interesting. There were a few times, when I actually had to put my finger on my lip and close my mouth. (I’m happy to report, I wasn’t drooling–not then anyway.) After the play, with the likes of “Sonny” and “Nate” fresh in my mind, I jumped back on the computer and started hashing out a scene that had been giving me trouble.

I am officially a full-fledged Tyler Perry fan and I must thank him, for not only his work, but also his casting choices. Inspiration has never looked so good. 🙂


One thought on “A 360 On Madea

  1. Portia says:

    Hi Nett,

    I wasnt a big fan either so I know what you mean. Madea grows on you!
    Great blog. Love your site

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