Technicolor Love

74957027As a romance junkie, I grew up on Barbara Cartland. I borrowed books from my friends whose parents were a little more freethinking than mine were (or maybe they did a better job at sneaking them in the house than I did).

In any case, I was intrigued by fascinating stories of the brooding prince or the dashing duke, who scoffed at the fair maiden or virgin bride, only to fall madly in love with her in the end. After ravishing the book under my bedcovers with the standard, all-purpose two C battery flashlight, I sighed and dreamt of happily ever after.

Barbara Cartland’s, and later, Kathleen Woodiwiss’ books appeased my appetite for romance, but it was not until the late seventies than I began to feel slighted. I grew tired of always reading about the man touching “her alabaster skin.” I wondered where the books that spoke about love from a multicultural point of view were. Looking at my parents, I knew that African-American and other nationalities experienced loving relationships, but I did not see them portrayed in books.

Thank god for the early eighties when things started to pop for the African-American romance novelist. I am so appreciative of the many authors who pen romances from every prospective: multicultural, gay, lesbian, erotic, vampires, multiple lovers. It gives thirsty readers a chance to drink their fill with variety and diversity.

If you glanced at my favorite author’s list, you see I read a variety of authors. I love romance, period. However, it is nice to know that if I want to slip into something comfortable for a chocolate hunk, or spend some time with a Spanish hottie, like my hero Marcus in “The Heat Between Us”–I can. To see what I mean, peek at Chapter 1 of my upcoming book. (Whew!)

I love writing about multicultural characters who embody passion for life and love, because there is tenderness and romance in all aspects of life, much of it is just a page or two away.


2 thoughts on “Technicolor Love

  1. fantasiaspillowtalk says:

    OMG – loved this. would you believe the last time my lover and I parted he said: You have left and I have lost my technicolour. LOL

    It’s because of this like for different … ummm … flavors … that I try to avoid those details in my musings. That way … the reader , can fill in that blank. Don’t know how effective I am – but I try!

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