Inspirational Heroes and Heroines

73123212One of the reasons I love ALPHA characters who are Navy Seals, Marines or members of the Armed Forces is because of their innate power and willingness to fight for what is right. They can be brash and overconfident. However, they’re decisive, and do what needs to be done to secure the safety of their country, and loved ones —particularly the woman who has their heart.

Although, ALPHA characters in romance novels shine like brilliant gems, and get the job done, there have been everyday men and—because this is a Memorial Day tribute—women, who have fought in the name of freedom, or what’s right.

I am grateful to the fallen soldiers who have protected us through threats foreign and domestic. We remember you.

Happy Memorial Day.


Top TEN reasons why I write

7758734210. I won five dollars in the first contest I ever entered. I figured, thirty years later, the prize money should be at least twenty-five dollars.

9. Because I am not or will never be a mathematician, scientist, physicist or astronaut. Taking thirty percent off a Coach purse already on sale, is the only math I will ever enjoy.

8. Writing is a solitary activity. Except for having sex, I like to be alone.

7. I have a reason to own more than three computers.

6. I can stop unwanted advances by telling prospective dates they’re nothing like the heroes I write about. Their point of view sucks, they’re one-dimensional and more than likely, they will be edited by the end of chapter one.

5. It’s a great form of anger management.

4. I do okay on my day job, so what the hell? Why not try writing in my favorite place–my home.

3. People no longer stare at me when I arrive at Barnes and Noble to find my chai latte ready and my reserved table has fresh flowers.

2. The voices in my head finally have an outlet.

1. Because …I just plain love it.

There’s No “Off” Switch

dv168081aWhen I’m driving to work, they’re sitting next to me—talking. At the movies, when I’m trying to pay attention and get my $12.00 worth, I wind up writing their scenes because they won’t keep quiet. You may wonder who I’m talking about. Two words. My characters.

I have issues and I’ve accepted that. My mind works a million miles a minute writing, editing and reediting, coming up with plots, and juicy love scenes, while trying to keep my lead characters happy, and show love to my supporting characters.

However, I didn’t know how deep my issues were until I zoned out at work one day. I was having lunch with a group of coworkers before an important meeting. Everyone sat at the table, enjoying the food and the company.

Everyone, except yours truly. I didn’t hear a thing.

I didn’t hear when the assignments were handed out, or that Brad Pitt had visited our city a few days prior, because he was interested in the city’s restoration. Care to guess why?

Yep. My characters. All during lunch, I was reworking a love scene in my head and completely zoned out.

About thirty minutes later, a coworker caught up with me and asked if I was okay. She said I had this glazed look on my face, (well, uh …I was editing a love scene) and I hadn’t spoken a word.

The real world gets challenging when my characters insist on making their presence known at every occasion.

It would be unnatural to think I could stay in my house, glued to my computer. But it’s so tempting! At least I could zone out in the privacy of my home.

However, I’m learning to live with my characters popping in and out of my head. After all, there’s no “off” switch. I carry a journal or small notebook with me. I even have a tape recorder tucked in my bag, when I can’t write fast enough.

But it’s probably still a little frightening for others when I take on that glazed look.

How do I explain to folks that I’m not REALLY crazy, and my characters are very nice people who mean no harm? All they want is to have their story told.

Maybe, I’ll hand them a chapter.

Where and when do your characters pull your ear?

Email and Acers and Google …oh my!

rbrb_3546I am truly a nerd.

About two months ago, I purchased an Acer Aspire netbook, to go along with my laptop and desktop that I can’t live without.

I know, crazy right? But hear me out.

I wanted something small to write on while I’m on vacation. I didn’t feel like lugging my laptop on an upcoming cruise.

The Acer is perfect. It’s about the size of a tradebook (6×9 inches, if that much). It fits into my pocketbook because I tend to carry really big bags. However, I wanted to protect my new baby, so I purchased a cute little carrying case.

Boom. I’m ready to go.

When my characters start talking, I won’t have to listen to them and write down their thoughts in my little notebook. I’ll be able to type what they say, while sipping mojitos on deck!

Ah …I love technology–especially when the internet is up, my emails aren’t bouncing and all my Google alerts work!

How do you capture the moments when you need to write?

X-tra Sizzling Muse


I usually don’t go to the movies opening day unless I have a damn good reason.

However, on May 1, I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine and believe me, I had a damn good reason. Hugh Jackman.

Like many of us who have seen the movie trailer, I waited for the scene when he leaped out of the water tank, metal claws bared and looking sexy as hell. I swear, I think every woman in the theatre, moaned.

The man is too much, and he definitely gives my creativity a jump-start. I never thought about it before, but I think Hugh is one of my muses. The characters he plays are strong, sexy, opinionated and know what needs to be done.

Although, I’ve heard the reviews weren’t that great, it didn’t bother me. I enjoyed the movie. Afterwards, I went home and got another dose of Hugh. I watched, Australia. ::::sigh::::

But that’s not all folks … Would you believe I went back on Sunday, and saw X-Men again?
(Hey, my daughter didn’t want to go by herself, and I couldn’t let her do that. After all, it wouldn’t be the motherly thing to do.)
Oh, and since Friday, I’ve been writing my X off. 🙂

Do you have a muse that makes you write like crazy?