Email and Acers and Google …oh my!

rbrb_3546I am truly a nerd.

About two months ago, I purchased an Acer Aspire netbook, to go along with my laptop and desktop that I can’t live without.

I know, crazy right? But hear me out.

I wanted something small to write on while I’m on vacation. I didn’t feel like lugging my laptop on an upcoming cruise.

The Acer is perfect. It’s about the size of a tradebook (6×9 inches, if that much). It fits into my pocketbook because I tend to carry really big bags. However, I wanted to protect my new baby, so I purchased a cute little carrying case.

Boom. I’m ready to go.

When my characters start talking, I won’t have to listen to them and write down their thoughts in my little notebook. I’ll be able to type what they say, while sipping mojitos on deck!

Ah …I love technology–especially when the internet is up, my emails aren’t bouncing and all my Google alerts work!

How do you capture the moments when you need to write?


2 thoughts on “Email and Acers and Google …oh my!

  1. jun says:

    accer i like that product..!!

  2. […] hope that the ship’s internet connection is working. I think I mentioned before how I feel about technology when it’s working. So, please keep your fingers […]

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