Top TEN reasons why I write

7758734210. I won five dollars in the first contest I ever entered. I figured, thirty years later, the prize money should be at least twenty-five dollars.

9. Because I am not or will never be a mathematician, scientist, physicist or astronaut. Taking thirty percent off a Coach purse already on sale, is the only math I will ever enjoy.

8. Writing is a solitary activity. Except for having sex, I like to be alone.

7. I have a reason to own more than three computers.

6. I can stop unwanted advances by telling prospective dates they’re nothing like the heroes I write about. Their point of view sucks, they’re one-dimensional and more than likely, they will be edited by the end of chapter one.

5. It’s a great form of anger management.

4. I do okay on my day job, so what the hell? Why not try writing in my favorite place–my home.

3. People no longer stare at me when I arrive at Barnes and Noble to find my chai latte ready and my reserved table has fresh flowers.

2. The voices in my head finally have an outlet.

1. Because …I just plain love it.


2 thoughts on “Top TEN reasons why I write

  1. Li says:

    You must have stock in BN ;-P I like reason # 2

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