Help others, help yourself

I have a friend who loves to write poetry. She started out with poetry and decided, like many of us, to write a book. Her first attempt was ambitious and perhaps overwhelming. She put the book on the back burner.

It’s natural to become discouraged. However, giving up should never be an option. She didn’t give up. I wouldn’t let her.

In her moment of darkness, I shared with her, what has been drilled into me since I began writing my first manuscript a year ago—keep writing.

And, I did.

I’m working on my second manuscript as I type, and managed to write a short story or two in between my novels. My writing on my day job has also become more creative. My creative thoughts have helped my friend, and wow, there’s still a bit of brain power left for me.

To date, my friend has completed two short stories and they’re wonderful. I can see how she’s grown with each story. She’s also taken her book off the back burner, and things are starting to heat up again.

When we help or encourage someone who as a similar endeavor, such as writing, I believe we become better writers.

Keep writing. Two very important words for people who love to write, and have a goal.

What I’ve learned along the way, I’ve shared with my friends. What I have yet to learn, I will share as well.

Keep writing. Help others. Keep writing.