Summer begins, queries continue

86736312Nine days. I set sail in nine days. This is the official beginning of my summer, but also my continued efforts toward publication.

I plan to take it easy and enjoy my cruise. Kind of. I’m taking my netbook, so that I can continue working on my manuscript. My synopsis is in my head, but it won’t do me a bit of good until it’s on paper. Besides, the change in scenery will be wonderful for my muse.

This week is my last week on my day job before vacation, and believe me it is all hectic on the home front!

Isn’t that always the case when you’re preparing for vacation?

I have two articles to write, two communication plans that require client sign off, and I’m on a mission to find something red to wear for a shindig on my upcoming cruise. Work and vacation, can drive a person crazy.

It’s a good kind of crazy, though.

Before I head off for the wide blue ocean, I plan to query a few agents. Maybe I’ll get an “I-don’t-care-about-the-recession-because-romance-is-selling-and-I-love-your-plot-characters-and-the-love-scenes-are-off-the-hook” response.

I’ll see what’s in my inbox when I get back. I’m keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and any other body part—crossed.

Oh. Wait. They have internet connection on the ship. Do I dare check email while vacationing? I’ll decide in nine days.