Music: A catalyst for creativity


Driving home from work today, I had a moment. I had the CD volume up, Maroon 5’s “Sweetest Goodbye” playing and I realized, just like the R&B group, “The OJays”—I love music.

And? You might say.

Everyday something inspires us to create. Writers, decorators, painters, graphic designers, sculptors—all artsy types have something or someone that allows our creative juices to run wild. It could be a fine man (or woman), an idea, a place or yes, a song.

Like many of us, I enjoy doing things with music—making love, cleaning the house, driving, painting and writing. Music seems to be a great catalyst for creativity.

I rely on music to help me set the tone for a scene, particularly a love scene. (I’m quite sure many of us do.) One of my favorite songs to write a love scene by is Boney James’s “Lights Down Low.”

Since the saxophone is my favorite instrument, it was smooth and sensual when I wrote a sexy love scene for Octavia and Marcus (my heroine and hero). The scene begins with the couple at the bottom of the stairs, and after several pages, they work their way up to the bedroom. I’m going to keep how they make their way to the bedroom, close to the vest—for now. Perhaps I’ll give you a taste in a spicy excerpt later. 😉

Another song, I wrote to was Ginuwine’s “Pony.” If you know the song, you can imagine the scene (The air-conditioner was on, I might add).

And yes …, I do use music to write other scenes. 🙂

For instance, in one scene, the lovers (Octavia and Marcus) danced the sexy salsa together. Blasting in my headset was Kenny G’s remix of “Havana.” The remix adds the talents of tap dancer extraordinaire Savion Glover, and the rhythm is powerful. It’s one of the best songs to dance the salsa, (IMHO).

It was also one of the best scenes to write. My fingers dipped, swerved and glided across the keyboard. By the time I finished I was breathing heavily, exhausted and needed a nap.

This was my blog /tribute to the power of music. What type of music gets your creative juices running wild?