The way Idris Elba moves …

idris_elba_blackprwireIt’s Christmas in August. Okay, not really. But I was watching the movie, “This Christmas” with Delroy Lindo and Loretta Devine.

Cute movie.

Nice warm family movie with the usual trials and tribulations that usually end with a happily-ever-after, or at least a happy-for-the-moment.

But then the credits started to run, the soul train line introduced the cast, and my heart started to race.

Two words: Idris Elba.

Hot damn.

Now, mind you I’ve seen this movie before. But I guess I wasn’t paying attention to how Idris moves. Good gracious. He did this little hip sway and this bop, and it was all over for me. It’s the subtle things that catch my attention. As I’ve mentioned before, dancing can be sex standing up.

I had to get this off my chest … Now I can finish the stalled love scene I was working on, with Idris (one of my yummy pops) on my mind. 🙂

Inspiration certainly comes in all shapes, forms and moves. Woo hoo!


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