Balancing Joy: Writing and Reading


I know, I know. It’s been a long time. I’ve been a rotten blogger.

The summer is winding down, and Fall is in the air. Kind of, maybe, sort of. Some parts of the country are still sweltering while the east coast is finally cooling down. I say that with my fingers crossed. After all, it is only September. Indian summer is still a major possibility.

I’ve been working on my second manuscript and trying to churn it out during the past few horrendous hot days. It’s hard to put my fingers to computer keys when I’m constantly drinking water, ice tea or anything else I could get my hands on that would help beat the heat.

But I have five chapters down and it’s coming together.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much reading. I usually don’t read while I’m writing, and I’ve heard quite a few writers say the same.

Can you read while you write, or do you have to wait until you’re finished?

If I do read, it’s usually not my genre. I catch up on my westerns, my ménages and paranormals. One-on-one erotic or steamy romance, I won’t read while writing.

However, I continue to add to my ever-increasing wish list of books. I have a few books that I’ve purchased, and lovingly placed on my shelf for near future reading.

Here’s my very short list:

Celeste Norfleet – When it Feels So Right
Kimberly Kaye Terry – The Sweet Spot
Beverly Jenkins – Captured (To be released in Sept.)
Brenda Jackson – One Night with a Wealthy Rancher
Lena Matthew and Eve Vaughn – Ever After
Francis Ray – And Mistress Makes Three
Maya Banks – Unbroken
Rochelle Alers – Man of Fate

As I mentioned, this is a short list. I can’t, and won’t list all the items on my wish list. There are just too MANY. And if I did decide to list them all, you’d probably think I’d succumbed to the heat. I would. 🙂

My writing goal today was 1,000 words. I’m at 743. I should get back to Chapter 6 before, I stray any further and pick up one of the above mentioned books.

Everyday I work to balance the joy I get from writing and reading. Setting a writing goal helps a great deal. It helps me stay focused, because the quicker I write, the quicker I can read!


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