Mr. Romance 2005 Speaks …

wood6randy02As most of you know I have a page dedicated to fine-looking men or as I call them, “yummy pops.”

Some months ago, I blogged about a few gentlemen who I thought fit the description of a yummy pop—men who are pleasing to the eye, and who hold a little something extra in their walk, talk and being.

It’s my pleasure to welcome and introduce one of the these homegrown yummy pops from, New Jersey, the Garden State: Mr. Romance 2005, Randy “Wood” Ritchwood.

Wood is no stranger to romance or making a woman’s heart flutter. As the first African-American to wear the title “Mr. Romance,” he has graced the covers of many romance novels including those from bestselling authors Brenda Jackson and Rochelle Alers, and appeared on the first episode of the reality show, “I Love New York.”

A few weeks ago, he completed a tour in Tyler Perry’s new stage play “Laugh to keep from Crying,” and in 2010, Wood takes romance prime time when he hosts blog talk show, “What Women Want Prime Time TV.” A hardworking entrepreneur, Wood’s New Jersey entertainment company offers something for everyone, especially the ladies. Visit his Web site at Kija Entertainment.

Wood has graciously agreed to pop in and share thoughts on love, life, relationships, and more important, “What makes it sizzle and how to keep it hot.”

N: Wood, According to Romance Writers of America, romantic fiction earned 1.375 billion dollars in sales in 2008, which is a great thing for romance writers. The current economic climate has been said to be one factor. However, women wanting that happy-ever-after have a lot to do with it as well. Any insights on why more people are reading romance novels?

Wood: The economy has a lot do with many things—unfortunately. From a male perspective, we’re losing jobs at high rates; some of us are working two and three jobs to make ends meet. People are giving and receiving less attention at home. And it can put a strain on the relationship. Sometimes you’re just too stressed or tired.

But I’m happy that romance fiction is earning money, because it keeps the writers working and the readers happy. It’s a good thing because whatever our women experience reading they can bring home to us and share.
N: What’s your advice to women and men who want to keep their relationships spicy and sizzling?

Wood: Change the bedroom scene. Don’t get too comfortable doing the same thing. Change up your routine. Ladies, for example if you go to bed nude, switch it up and put on pajamas, a gown or wear your man’s shirt one night. Even though we know already what’s underneath, men still like to wonder.

Same goes for the men. If you normally wear cologne, go without it one day and see if your woman notices. Or if you wear pajama bottoms to bed, switch it up and wear boxers. Don’t settle for status quo. Gentlemen, treat your woman to a foot wash and massage, give her the full treatment. Ladies, you can do the same. It’s all about appreciating the spontaneous things that keep relationships hot.

We look forward to more chats with Wood, and advice from a male point of view. Questions for Wood can be submitted using the Contact Me form on this blog.

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