Writing better …and getting it done

It may be only December 3, but I’m already planning my travel and writing itinerary for 2010!

Next year will consist of a couple of writer’s conferences. The Romantic Times Convention, takes me to Columbus Ohio. I can’t say I’ve really ever been there. I’ve flown over and driven through.

This time I happy to say, I’ll be staying for a few days. The conference kicks off at the end of April and looks to offer a great deal of information that authors, published and aspiring, will want to know. E-publishing, social media, writing erotica, (Woohoo!) and good old fashion how to write a synopsis are just a few of the things I saw on the agenda. The RT Convention Web site has a list of events happening and over 400 authors who plan to attend.

I’m all about learning all I can, so this will be a definite stop.

Romance Writers of America National Conference is in Nashville this year. Since I attended in Washington, last year I’m not sure if I’ll make this one. However, plans do change! Of course they’re offering great workshops on the craft of writing, publishing and marketing your manuscript. It should be a great conference.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend any workshops or conferences this year, there’s a great book entitled, “Writing the Breakout Novel,” by Donald Maass. Yes, of the Donald Maass literary agency. You may want to check it out. This is a great resource and I’ve shared this information with all my writing buddies. Mr. Maass also has a workbook to complement the book and it features actual exercises and workshops that he uses during his live sessions. I purchased mine at Barnes and Noble, however I’m sure you can find it on Amazon.

Those are the trips so far, but locally I will attend writers’ meetings for inspiration and craft.

How are you planning to write better, and get the work done?


2 thoughts on “Writing better …and getting it done

  1. jgavinallan says:


    Great info…I need a friend in the business to help me. I am often heading in the wrong direction…Thanks for a great…needed post


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