Taking the multicultural genre to higher ground

After browsing through my Google alerts, I came across an interesting article in Publishers Weekly that veteran African-American writer, Donna Hill (one of my favorite authors) has launched her own e-publishing company, InnerVision Books.

The first thing that popped into my mind was Stevie Wonder’s (and I’m dating myself) “Innervisions” album because it was a collection of lofty songs such as, “Higher Ground”, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” and “Living for the City.” IMHO, these were songs of hope, struggle, achievement, and love.

InnerVision Books will publish fiction, poetry and non-fiction in a digital format. Its name, which is reminiscent of Stevie’s songs, implies (again, IMHO) that it might also offer hope to authors—veteran and aspiring—who write multicultural characters and plots, but are struggling to achieve success.

With a publishing company dedicated to highlighting “multiculturalism in a global society,” authors have a chance to work with a company that understands that multicultural literature is expansive and layered, and shouldn’t be placed in one section of the bookstore.

And InnerVision Books doesn’t want to stop at e-publishing. Eventually they would like to publish trade paperback editions as well. Woohoo!

It’s wonderful to see a publishing company dedicated to working with authors of the multicultural genre.

Perhaps well-written multicultural stories that don’t make it to the larger publishers, because they’re not, “a good fit” or “not what they’re looking for,” will fit perfectly with InnerVision Books and be exactly what they seek to publish.

Bravo to Donna Hill and other publishers, who look for ways to tell these stories and embrace them.


6 thoughts on “Taking the multicultural genre to higher ground

  1. Marie Forbes says:

    Hey Nett,

    Happy Holidays to you. I hope that all is well with you. Just know you have my support when those books are published. I can’t wait to read them.

    Hoping that we will be able to meet up in 2010. Barry and I need to attend some of those parties you have been mentioning.

    Best of luck and good health now and in the upcoming year.

    Take care,

    • nettrobbens says:

      Hey Ree!

      Thank you girl! Your support means so much! I’ll definitely let you know when things start to pop! I’m working on the second book, “Beneath a Waterfall” and it’s going good! Yes, 2010 we have to get together, and I’d love for you and Barry to be there partying with me. Have a blessed holiday!

      All the best,

  2. Marie Forbes says:

    Hey Nett,

    From your recommeendation, I downloaded a book by Celeste Norfleet a few days ago. I needed something new and good to read so at random I selected “When It Feels So Right”. OMG, did I enjoy that book. My oh my are all her books that HOT? I just ordered “Love me Now” and plan to take it on vacation with us.

    Barry and I leave for Punta Cana in three weeks to celebrate our 30th. I think I have selected some good books to keep us entertained:o)

    Enjoy your week.

    • nettrobbens says:

      Hey Ree!

      Happy New Year! Yes, girl. Celeste is one of the best! I have to pass on your comment to her! Have a blast in Punta Cana!

  3. Marie says:

    Hey Nett,

    I hope that you and the family are enjoying your summer. We certainly are. How is the writing going? Have you made any decisions about attending the BJ cruise next year? I thought about you as I just downloaded Coulter’s Lady by Maya Banks. I will take it with me on vacation next week. I am sure it will be an enjoyable read. Take care.

    • nettrobbens says:

      Hey Ree,

      Sorry it took so long to respond. It’s been one of the months! New day job …

      Books are coming along! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! I’m glad you and Barry are well, and enjoying this fast moving summer. Are you going to Romance Slam Jam next year in Maryland? It’s one worth attending, trust me. Just let me know.


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