2188 …

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and since I’m not cooking this year (I’m going as a guest after I-don’t remember-how-many-years), I thought I’d spend the day writing.  My morning started off taking Poe (my puppy) to get neutered.  Although, it’s a good thing, I guess …I’m still a little squeamish. He has become, after all, my furry baby and I want to make sure the vet takes good care of him.

Okay, so back to my literary intentions. I decided to make good use of my free time away from Poe and focus on the synopsis for my next book. I have all my tools. Computer back to working order after so many months (that’s another blog) and my gummy bears all lined up on my desk.

Oh and as promised, in my other blog, the gummy bear story.

Most writers I know, have a ritual or something they do to get them in the mood to write. Whether it’s listening to music, or facing their computers in the optimal feng shui position, everybody does something. Among other things, I eat gummy bears.

Now, while it’s not the healthiest snack, it does the trick. But these aren’t just ANY gummy bears. These are and MUST be Haribo gummy bears, because I believe that all gummy bears are NOT created equal. (Some of them are too gooey, some leave an aftertaste and then there are some that make you wonder why they even bothered to put them in a pack and sell them.)

Okay, sorry …I digress.

Anyway, my writing ritual includes lining my gummy bears across my computer desk, and plucking them off one color at a time. My daughter referred to it as the firing squad. Okay, maybe.  

But I line them up, and as the creative juices start to flow and my keyboard starts to click, the gummy bears disappear. Green ones … red ones …yellow ones. Gone. And my WIP starts to take shape and I’m happy. (I do try to hit the treadmill afterwards. As I admitted earlier, they’re not the healthiest snack.)

So, today for a few hours while being Poe-less, I will write. Yum. I can taste the gummy bears now.


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