Nano …Writing at the speed of sound and light …

Faster than a speeding bullet? Maybe. More powerful than a locomotive? Definitely.  It’s not Superman, but Nano writing. And I’m hoping it will help me leap over writer’s block and life’s hurdles in 29 days.

I, and more than a dozen of my sister writers in New Jersey Romance Writers, have taken on the big one. Nano writing in February.  Thirty thousand words in 29 days. (It’s Leap Year, you know.)

This is a huge commitment since I’ve never participated in one before.  However, I know it’s what I need to get my “ass in chair” and get busy. I’m excited and eager to finish the book.

What’s your experience with Nano writing? Did it help? Not? 


8 thoughts on “Nano …Writing at the speed of sound and light …

  1. renita01 says:

    Hello Nett Robbens, I wish you the best on your writing endeavor. I too am an aspiring romance author. Writing isn’t always easy, especially when the words just do not seem to flow, but I believe you have the right idea (keep writing). Best wishes.

    • nettrobbens says:

      Hi Renita,

      Thanks for the support! Good luck with your writing as well. Sometimes I find my words flow when I least expect it. I hope that happens for you!


  2. mmcnellis says:

    I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo (November) since 2008. I’ve also been a municipal liaison for the CT Shoreline region these last two years. Congratulations on taking on this project! I’m going to follow your blog so I can keep cheering you on 🙂

    I write historical fiction, but if you need any NaNo-ing advice, feel free to ask–if I don’t know, I can certainly direct you to someone who does!

    Here are some tips and tricks:
    1. Participate in word wars (these are when you and at least one other writer write as much as you can in a 10-20 min period and try to see who writes the most words)
    2. Don’t edit. Not yet, anyhow. Editing slows down the writing process way too much!
    3. Commit to a daily minimum and stick to it! It’ll become habit within a week, and after that it gets easier.
    4. If you have a 9-5 job, write during your lunch break. Even a half hour can mean an extra 500-1000 words!

    Best of luck to you–I’m looking forward to 2/1/12 on your behalf!

    • nettrobbens says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks so much for the support and the great tips. Number 2 will be my test–turning off that internal editor. I have a problem with writing without backspacing, deleting and retyping! I was planning on writing during lunch, so at least I was on the right track with number 4. The word wars sounds great! I’m going to grab my critiquing partner for that one. I’m so ready for this!


  3. pamelahart23 says:

    Hi! Thanks for “liking” my blog today. 🙂
    Good luck on your Nano Writing in February. I’ll be with you in spirit. I’m doing my best to finish my novel by the end of February because I start grad school in March. May the writing winds be with us all! 🙂 Pam

    • nettrobbens says:

      You’re welcome, and thank you for the good wishes. Good luck with your novel and grad school. I look forward to seeing your book on the shelves!

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