Let the writing begin …

I tried to post from my phone yesterday, but it wouldn’t go through. Pffft. Technology. Love it. But sometimes …(I’ll stop here. That’s another blog.)

Anyway … on to more exciting things.

It’s officially Feb. 1 and that means it’s Nano Writing time for more than 20 members of New Jersey Romance Writers. We’re calling our stint JeRoWriMo. We received our rules/guidelines (how cute are we?) and are ready to roll.

I’m starting during my lunch hour today, and I hope to put a small dent in the 30K due by the end of the month. I’ll try to blog my success (and yes, some slip ups) over the next 29 days. I’ve received so much great information from the last post. Big shout out to all the great people who offered support. You rock!

I’m so excited. My keyboard is clean, my monitor tidy and I have a week’s supply of Gummy Bears! (I’ll replenish on Saturday)

Woohoo …let the writing begin!


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