Supporting our literary family …

While prepping to write today’s blog, I tried to research the number of writers in the USA—a daunting task. I hadn’t even begun to include the number of writers worldwide, which I know is outrageous and increasing exponentially as I write. So, I decided to skip the stats. (You probably know them anyway!)

My point in providing numbers was just a means to state that although the writing community spans cities, states, provinces, countries and continents, it in itself, is a small close-knit community. And if you’ve been around long enough, you get to know the authors, agents, editors, reviewers, and most importantly, the readers. It’s a family of people who inhale the written word.

Amongst this family, there are also unbelievable resources that can help each of us as our careers and ambitions grow.

One of my favorite blogs is Nathan Bransford, Author. Mr. Bransford provides information from both sides of the literary house, as a writer and a former literary agent. His blog is filled with knowledge, wit and down-to-earth advice.

Another great resource comes from author, Holly Lisle, who gives generously of herself and provides aspiring authors and those who want to tighten up their skills, online boot camps on how to, among other things, create plots and develop characters. Most of the information is FREE and easy to download. Yes, I said FREE. Her article, “Ten steps to finding your writing voice,” is a must read, and is found on her Web site.

Although there are thousands, no millions—of working authors, aspiring authors, writers, and poets spanning the world, it’s still small enough to share information. And in an age where computers and internet rule, it’s even easier to support fellow writers—no matter where they call home.

I hope these resources help you achieve your goals and dreams.


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