Thank B&N it’s Friday!

For the obvious reasons, Friday is the best day of the week. People who work hard all week, finally get the chance to join in the universal yelp of TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday). There’s nothing more liberating than singing that phrase as you grab your coat, snatch up your car keys, run for the train, or hand your money to the bus driver.

The happiness that follows (even though you may have to share Saturday and Sunday with errands, little league, work around the house) is euphoric. And in the summer, forget it! The trek to the beach, barbeques, family outings for the most part begin on Friday!

What a day!

There is, however, another reason why I love Fridays: free online books—ranging from the classics to obscure—available at Barnes and Noble (B&N) . They’re primarily geared toward NOOK owners. However, everyone can download the NOOK app and benefit from this weekly offer. A true book lover’s haven.

There are some critics that may say the books are of less than best-selling stature, and THAT’S why they’re free. Maybe. But it’s still free! And you won’t have to pay good money for something you don’t like.

And who knows, even in the worst written book, there can be a kernel of knowledge, some piece of craft that helps you in your writing. Free Friday boards and blogs also provide recommendations, so you’re not totally wasting your time.

So indulge. Check out B&N’s Free Friday books. I’m going perusing later on today. I haven’t visited the site in a while, so I’m anxious to see what’s new. TGIF!

I’d love to hear about your favorite site for free online books.


6 thoughts on “Thank B&N it’s Friday!

  1. yalandarose says:

    you’re right there is nothing more liberating than leaving work on friday evenings. mondays seem so far away

  2. Aaliyah says:

    I like the free Nook fridays too. I’ve actually come across a very good has a sci-fi romance mystery series. Nicky Charles, author of The Mating, The Keeping, The Finding and Bonded (must read it in order) I don’t know how to explain it. I just got finished reading the 500 pages of The Help and then took on the 500 plus page We Need To Talk about Kevin. That book was a hard read. I’m glad the Nook has a built in dictionary.
    So I needed something to read in between my next book club read and hey it was free. I’m not big on reading romance novels but I do like the vampire and lycans stories. This one is about werewolves trying to fit in as humanly possible. I started reading and found myself hooked. Some parts are slow and the writing is just above mediocre but I couldn’t put the book down. I sacrificed beauty sleep with reading wanting to know what happens next. 800 plus pages didn’t seem that long after all and I quickly moved onto the second book. Now co-workers are reading the book I recommended and love it too.

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