Thursday’s Toss: E-book settlement has publishing world in turmoil

Interesting article on the e-book settlement worth sharing.

E-book settlement has publishing world in turmoil.

The case, which alleges that three major publishers, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers and Simon & Schuster conspired to limit competition in the e-book market, and fix the retail price, is enough to make my head spin.

Was it the “in desperate times you must take desperate measures” philosophy that made them think they would achieve their goal? I’m still trying to figure that one out.

And with all this “turmoil,” I can’t help but wonder where authors and pre-published authors, particularly those traditionally published, should take cover. Or should we seek refuge in the e-embrace of Amazon and Barnes and Noble?

Just tossing it out there.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Toss: E-book settlement has publishing world in turmoil

  1. mlfables says:

    I am glad this settlement has gone through. It was painfully obvious that e-book prices were being fixed (sometimes costing almost twice that of the paperback version).

    Actually, I think they were trying to discourage ebook sales altogether, forcing readers to buy the book version, (either through high ebook prices, or through delaying the release of the ebook until some 6 months after the paperback came out).

    I am not sure that we want the book publishing industry effectively in the palm of the hands of Amazon though, either. Replacing a cabal of big businesses, with one big conglomerate, doesn’t seem like a great idea.

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