2190 …and counting

Twenty-one ninety is a significant number for me. It’s a timetable actually, a plan that will help me work toward my dream of being a published romance author.

Twenty-one ninety signifies the number of days–six years–I have until I can write full time–in my PJs–and, if I choose, never leave my home office. I thought about these 2,190 days, until I can retire from my day job, and how they might help me stay on track and focused. After all, I have a lot I want to achieve before then–like have a certain number of books under my belt.

So, I’ve decided to count down each day with a daily blog, a recollection of my goals, and my not so accomplished goals. (2189 …2188 …and so on.)

Some days, I know right off the bat, will be sheer terror. There will be days when I won’t or can’t look at the computer. There will be days when I’m exhausted because I walked my six month-old puppy five times in one day, and now I’m drained. But this is why I want to publicly acknowledge that when I fall off the writing wagon, hopefully, there will be someone to push me back on. So here it goes … 2190 and counting.


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