My earliest recollection that I wanted a serious career as a writer was in high school. I’ll never forget my eleventh grade English teacher’s comments after she critiqued my poems–a homework assignment that I absolutely loved. Her comments, scrawled across the front of my paper–in red ink, of course–read, “You have a great talent, keep writing.”
Her encouragement changed my life and set me on a path to pursue a career that I’m proud to say I’ve achieved to some degree–but I have more to do.

My name is Nett Robbens and I’m a philanthropic dynamo and an avid reader by day, and an aspiring novelist every minute.

I live in the USA, New Jersey to be exact (Yeah, go Rutgers-Scarlett Knights, Brick CityAtlantic City … the Jersey Shore!) and I’ve always loved to write and read.

I have to confess, I can’t live without my “puter.” If I don’t have access to the Internet (Hard-core Googler, here) or email, I walk around half crazed…lol. I also run back home if I forget my cell phone. (Terrible, isn’t it?) My second home is Barnes and Noble, it’s a great place to write. I also love their hot chai lattes.

I guess that makes me a nerd extraordinaire. But that’s all right, I can deal with it! 🙂 In fact, if I’m not writing, I feel like I’m wasting time. However, I enjoy traveling and scoping out locations for my next book. My muse likes to travel as well. So when we hit the road, it’s an adventure for us both.

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years, which includes speechwriter for a former politician. However, it’s always been for someone else … the job … the man, you know…;)

During the day, I am a writer/columnist for a Fortune 500 company, with a background in corporate and marketing communications. In my other life, I taught fifth to eighth grade English and Spanish. Needless to say, the written word (and language) is in my blood.

Nowadays–as Patti Labelle so beautifully belts out–“I have a new attitude.” I’ve always loved reading romances and particularly erotica. However, I never thought about writing romance. Who has time with a full-time job that requires creative brain power?

Evidently I do, now. It seems as though my feet have taken yet another path and believe me, I’m loving it!

Thanks to some fantastic and talented friends–who pushed me out of the nest–I’m doing what I love most when my 9 to 5 ends, weaving romantic stories that sizzle. My characters are multicultural people with strengths, flaws, hopes and an insatiable desire to give and receive love. I’ve recently completed my first manuscript and submitted it to a publisher. I’m currently working on my second book, a sequel.

Sizzling, spine-tingling romance should take the reader on a fantastic journey and leave them breathless and wanting more.  Each page should turn slowly, as the reader savors each touch, each kiss and every encounter. I hope when you read my books, you’ll experience the “high” that a sensual romance can offer.