The Adverb Slayer’s Creed

Recite the creed each time you put pen to paper or finger to key. Memorize it if you must. It will strengthen your craft and your resolve as a writer.


You are of the Old Ones, revered and worshipped by those who dare to bleed at their typewriter and on their keyboard. You seek refuge in authors still too unsure to express themselves through the written word, without the lore of “ly.”

You plot to control emotions, and time within works in progress with little regard to the strength of verbs and nouns.

Demonic excuses for prose, you lurk behind dialog tags, lessening their usefulness and potency, which brings clumsiness to each line, and sloppiness to each paragraph.

Said, Scribes Mark Twain and Stephen King masters of prose before us, you serve no purpose. Leave the spirited verb to stand on its own. And with the aid of our trusted noun, each page will resonate with all who read them.

Be gone, wicked word of weakened prose …

Be gone, cruel captor of all creative thoughts …

I (Fill in your name), am the Adverb Slayer and I write better without you!


Oct. 2012


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