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Definition of Passion: strong, amorous feeling or desire, love; ardor
strong sexual desire; lust

My interpretation:
• A lover’s sexy whisper to “let’s get out of here” while standing in the frozen food section of the supermarket …

• A lover’s urgent reach for more, after getting their fill seconds earlier …

Definition of Extraordinary: beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established:

My interpretation:
• A sprinkle of body powder or a rub of body soufflé, edible undies or blindfolds, for a morning, afternoon or evening of passion.
• A new kama sutra position or an enhanced version of an old favorite–everyday.

Welcome to my world of multicultural romance and spicy fiction. I believe life, even everyday life, can be filled with extraordinary passion, and there should never be a time when we don’t strive for it. That’s why I enjoy writing about sexy heroes, tenacious heroines and love stories that will make you yearn to jump between the pages (or the sheets).


I’ll have a little sumthin’ for everyone each time: book excerpts, informative and yes, sometimes meaningless things to know, things to drool over (wink!) and topics you might enjoy blogging about.

I hope you decide to stay awhile and browse.

I think of a Web site and blog as an extension of my living room. My blog is a way of sharing my world, and getting feedback from interesting people from every walk of life.

I love kicking back over for a cup of coffee (or herbal tea), scones (or perhaps chocolate chip cookies), and having a conversation about books, writing, love, life and of course, extraordinary passion.

“There’s always room for love; you just have to move a few things around.”

NJRW’s Put Your Heart in a Book Finalist!

August, 2010 – My manuscript, The Heat Between Us, is a Finalist in NJRW’s Put Your Heart in a Book” contest! I’m honored and excited!

Stroke of Midnight Finalist!


April 2009- Woo hoo! My manuscript, Falling Again, is a Finalist in Passionate Ink’s “Stroke of Midnight” contest! I’m honored and excited!

July 2009 – Woo hoo! My manuscript, Falling Again, received in Honorable Mention in Passionate Ink’s ‘Stroke of Midnight” contest. Again, I’m honored. This is only the beginning!