Here are links to some of my favorite reader, author and friends Web sites.  Enjoy!

Romance in Color: Excellent site for readers who want to know about a book before they buy it. Offers great reviews along with a comprehensive list of books hitting the stores!

Shelfari: Love this site! Great place to share books with readers and authors alike.

Avid Black Readers: Another cool site. Meet readers, writers and other philosophical folk!

Romance Slam Jam Conferences: If you love to read and/or write, you MUST attend this venue. I attended in 2008 and I’ve haven’t been the same. If you need inspiration or want to meet some of the nicest people on Earth, go to a RSJ conference. It will literally change your life. I’m living proof!

Blogging in Black: Great site with tons of advice and conversation.


One thought on “LINKS

  1. Denise says:

    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You should be so proud of yourself – the website (and especially your excerpt) are hot, hot hot!


    I wish you a world of luck with your endeavors (but having more talent in a single ember than most do in a blaze, you don’t need it!).

    I can’t wait to see what your book jacket is going to look like!

    Thank you for being such an inspriation to us all who spend countless hours doing work that simply “pays the bills,” but aspire to move on one day and touch the stars!

    Love ya!

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