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::::drum roll please::::: And the survey says …

Poll #3 How important is it that the people on a book’s cover resemble the characters?

  • 88 percent say it’s very important to visualize the characters and often refer back to the cover.
  • 13 percent say it’s somewhat important to glance at the cover between readings.

    I guess it helps to have a hot body to go with a hot story … 😉

    Thanks, for voting!

    Poll #2 What I look for MOST in a romance novel

  • 67 percent look for hot love scenes in a romance novel (Yeah!)
  • 17 percent look for a strong hero/heroine
  • 17 percent look for an intriguing plot.
  • Personally, I look for all of the above and I write the same way. The total package makes for a better book.

    Thanks, for voting!

    Poll # 1 I enjoy reading erotica or erotic romance

  • 67 percent enjoy reading erotica or erotic romance (Yes! I have plenty to talk about and you won’t think I’m totally crazy!)
  • 22 percent said they never read it, but might in the future(Yes! There’s hope!)
  • 1 percent said they don’t read erotica or erotic romance(That’s okay, I’ll work on you!) 😀
  • Thanks for taking the poll!


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