RWA National Conference … Rejuvenating

I’ve returned from the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National Conference, rejuvenated and ready to continue writing. There were so many workshops to choose from, but so little time to try them all. (Four days isn’t nearly enough time!)

Career, Craft, Publishing and Writer’s Life were just a few of the workshop tracks offered. There were special workshops, and spotlights on individual publishing houses, and what they’re seeking regarding submissions. And if you want to feel intensity, try pitching your book to an agent or editor within a ten minute timeframe. Whew!

I met so many new friends, and like I mentioned earlier, hung out with some very dear friends. Although I’m rejuvenated, I’m tired as you know what. So, I fill you in on more happenings tomorrow. I hope to have a few pictures to post. I had a great time, but it’s always nice to come home.