Back off. I am the keeper of MY domain.


Coming back to life can be a real pain in the behind.

After a few days of connecting with fellow authors at the New Jersey Romance Writers conference, I was inspired to dust myself off and get back to the business of getting published. Any conference that fuels your passion is always a good thing. I didn’t want to waste a minute of it.

After walking Poe, (yes, he’s still my little mascot) I started working on a scene, which became a chapter. Oh yeah, I was on a roll and let me tell you, it felt awesome! Feeling quite satisfied, I decided to jump start my poor, neglected blog.

And then …. OMG.

Unbeknownst to me, my domain name was now up for auction and apparently someone trying to sell me ( for the mere price of $60. Are you kidding me? I called from whom I originally purchased my domain and they said that it happened sometime last month. Evidently this is a common occurrence. Well, whoa …knock me over with a feather!

Now, enter Google. In prior years, I always received a reminder that my the expiration on my domain was approaching, since they were in partnerships (or should I say cahoots)with GoDaddy. And I always renewed. But something funky happened this year. I received nothing. No email. No reminder. No domain. My love affair with Google has hit a major snag. Who knows if I’ll ever recover?

The guy from GoDaddy tried to reassure me that $60 was really a good deal if I had to “buy” myself back. Some people have to pay thousands for their domains when something like this happens.

Pfft. It didn’t work. I was still ticked off. But who knew someone would want me so badly? 🙂

Still this experience taught me a few things:

1) Any one can take what you’ve worked hard to develop–even your domain name. So beware!
2) Sign up for the privacy registration on your domain, which give you more control and keeps the owner of the domain private. Not that it will guarantee you won’t ever have trouble, but it might lessen the aggravation.
3) Auto renew whenever you can, so you’re sure to keep your domain YOUR domain.

There was one piece of good news in this whole fiasco. During the time I registered my prior domain, I had enough sense to also buy the .net domain. I guess that wasn’t good enough to try to auction off, so they left that one for me.

For now, or least until I can reclaim myself, I will be blogging, writing and getting back into the groove under And this time around, I have more control.


Why do adults like Angry Birds?

I’m not sure, but since I recently started playing I had to stop and ponder my growing addiction.

Let me start from the beginning. My precious 3-year old grandson, (yes, he’s three) was too busy to come to the phone and say hello to me. Since I don’t see him every day, I look forward to our daily chats.

“How’s my boy?”
“Ah right …”
“Are you going to school today?”
“Yes, Mommy …tyteydhq …htyouya … dhttye …the train.”
“Oh, the train? That’s nice! Well, Nana wants you to have fun at school today, okay?”
“Okay … Here Mommy: phone.”

I know, what you’re thinking. Deep. That’s why I hate to miss a conversation!

Anyway, one day he didn’t want to take the phone. My daughter said he was too busy. What could a 3-year old possibly do that was too busy to talk to his grandmother? Did he suddenly get a job? If that’s the case, I’ll retire.

Then my daughter told me he was playing Angry Birds. A what??

I love my grandson beyond reason, but there was NO way I was going to be bested by a video game and not know what it is. (I consider myself an intermediate gamer. I love The Sims, any game by Rockstar—Red, Dead Redemption is my favorite) So, I went online (Google, of course) and I found everything I wanted to know about Angry Birds.

Since I had my NOOK, (My iPad hadn’t come home just then) I downloaded the app and began playing like a fiend. Seeing the blue birds burst into three and attack the pigs who stole their eggs, is my big move. I also enjoy seeing the black bird explode, like a time bomb. Exciting. The yellow bird’s speed when you tap his little furry body is also quite exhilarating to watch.

So, after a week of practice, I tell my grandson, “Guess what? Nana, was playing Angry Birds, like you.”
“Angry Birds,” he asked. The excitement in his voice warmed my heart. I was so overjoyed to be sharing this moment with him.

That was the end of the conversation.

About two hours later, my doorbell rings. It’s my daughter and yes, my grandson! I’m so happy to see him. It’s rare that they visit on a weeknight. But my daughter had to run an errand and they stopped by on the way back home. I didn’t care. They were there!

“How’s my big boy?”
“Nana Angry Birds. Play Angry Birds.”

No, that was not an invitation for me to play with him, or to show him how much I’ve learned. But for him to have my NOOK so HE could play.

Anyway, thanks to my grandson, I’m now addicted. Oh, and I just downloaded Angry Birds Seasons on my iPad! You know, just in case.