To Patrick Swayze …Thanks for Everything


A while ago I compared my inability to focus on writing to Baby’s reaction to Johnny Castle’s dance lesson. And now Johnny Castle is gone.

I’d like to remember Patrick Swayze and honor him by recalling five of his movies, my personal favorites:

  • Ghost – What he did with a lump of clay sitting behind Demi Moore was sensuous.
  • To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar – Dressed as a woman he exhibited grace, style and class.
  • Dirty Dancing – His hips. Nuff said.
  • Roadhouse – He and Sam Elliott made a bouncer look downright sexy.
  • Point Break – I fell in love with his character’s thirst for the extreme.

    RIP – Patrick (Johnny Castle). You will be missed.

  • Dirty Dancing with Patrick …

    Okay, I’m sure most of us have seen “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, right?

    Do you remember the scene where “Baby” is taken to a party with just the hotel workers and she dances with “Johnny” for the first time? His hips are plastered to hers, and he teaches her how to move them in a sensuous dirty dance.

    The dance ends and she has learned the moves (lucky girl). However, he leaves her standing in the middle of the floor exhilarated, and looking like a nut because she doesn’t know what to do next.

    That’s how I feel right now.

    After two weeks, I’m finally coming off the RWA Conference high. After two successful pitches, and a slew of wonderful workshops, and my winning honorable mention in the Stroke of Midnight contest, I’ve had a little trouble staying focused. A pure nut.

    I have managed to complete the first three chapters of my second manuscript, (Woohoo) but it’s been like pulling teeth.

    I’m probably trying to do too much at once. My new office is coming along, but it’s taking a lot of my writing time because I’m moving shelves and setting up printers. I need to be settled in one place so I can focus.

    I’m going to keep plugging away. There will come a moment when I look at the sign hanging over my computer, which reads, “ASS IN CHAIR” –a piece of advice I’ve borrowed from Nora Roberts, and get busy. So, enough blogging for today. It’s time to get my AIC.

    Care to share? How do you stay focused after doing something equivalent to dirty dancing with Patrick Swayze?