Guest Author J. Gavin Allan … talks love and counter Intel

I’m thrilled to have author J. Gavin Allan as my guest today. Not only is he a new author, but he’s my critiquing partner! So, I’m doubly honored.

Oh, and check out his bio. It reads like a novel! 🙂

J Gavin Allan’s tales profess one agenda. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Homebound as a child due to illness, loneliness liberated imagination. Poe’s influence can be felt in his work. Trained as a Counter-Intelligent Agent by the US Army, J Gavin used his unusual mind’s eye developing strategies protecting Americans abroad. The only non-Vietnam Veteran in his airborne unit, he memorized accounts of special operations in Southeast Asia. Coupled with interviews of North Vietnamese veterans and Bru Montagnards his expertise increased.

While in Asia, J Gavin developed valuable friendships. A submitted screenplay in China, and a Vietnam War novel thought too controversial for publication showed his versatility.

A retired New York City teacher, J Gavin instructs language at the University level. The author writes in all genres, always with a besieged romance battling to survive. Membership in RWA and NJRW sharpened the sometimes-disturbing imagery in his work. An active member in veterans’ organizations, J Gavin still finds time to relax on the rifle range.

NR: Jaye thanks for stopping by and hanging out on my blog. Just move the balloons to the side and have a seat. As you probably guessed from all the decorations, it’s my 100th post and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to invite my critiquing partner and new author over for a chat. So, talk to me. 🙂 When and how did you discover your love for writing?

JGA: It became an escape as a child. I spent two years understanding what it meant to be isolated.

NR: And what about your work? What drives your stories?

JGA: My work concentrates on one agenda. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is greater than any person or belief.

NR: I know you’ve been writing for a long time, more than 16 years, right? How did you persevere?

JGA: Membership in NJRW…plain and simple…

NR: I’ve blogged about New Jersey Romance Writers (NJRW), and the benefits of belonging to a writer’s group or organization. NJRW is definitely an organization that supports and cheers on its members. Shout out to all NJRW members!

NR: Okay, I digress, again. Jaye, you recently secured a literary agent, which is a big moment in many an aspiring writer’s life. What was your initial reaction when you received “the call?”

JGA: The call from Nicole R. of the Seymour Agency led to a professional conversation. We talked strategies of marketing. All the while I was pinching myself and waiting to wake up.

NR: I bet. So, tell us about your upcoming book, “Family of Heroes”, which is a historical work set in war-torn Burma. Also, are there any takeaways you want readers to experience after they’d read it.

JGA: “Heroes” is the best example for putting forth my “agenda.” I realize many life-styles will embrace or detest the book when told of the plot, but it is not something to dispute their beliefs. It is to show…love for someone is greater that national, economic, religious, political, and racial differences…and…differences in sexual orientation. If you need love or to be loved…does it matter?

NR: I have to say, that because I’m your critiquing partner I was honored to see it from beginning to end. It’s the type of book that leaves you emotionally spent. You feel drained, but at the same time satisfied for having read it. So, are there any new projects on the horizon?

JGA: Next project is the sequel to “Heroes…The story of Bo Bo” and finishing a graphic and psychological war drama about the Vietnam War…”The Last Lieutenant”…There is romance in all my work.

NR: Writing is tough. It takes patience and dedication. What advice would you offer to aspiring writers or writers in general?

JGA: You must write and then write some more. When you do not feel like writing or feel empty of ideas…watch people and imagine them in a story. Plus…listen to all critiques…do not be a snob about where they come from. Even members of the Great Unwashed, as myself, might see something you need to include or delete.

NR: So true. Jaye, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by, especially on my 100th post. J Gavin Allan is an amazing writer, not because he’s my critiquing partner, but because it’s true! Visit his website and get hooked.